How Current Events Can Help Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

How Current Events Can Help Boost Your Content Marketing EffortsAfter the Supreme Court of the United States ruled last Friday that state bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, brands sprung into action to show their support for the decision on social media. And they were smart to do so. Important events present a great opportunity for companies to get a marketing boost by adding their voice to the conversation on social media and through original content.

When brands show they’re connected to what’s happening in the world and do so in a positive way, it helps increase their authenticity and build trust with their audience. That’s especially important as brands seek to attract more millennial customers. And it’s not just B2C brands that need to worry about attracting these younger buyers. Recent Google research found 46 percent of people involved in B2B buying decisions are millennials — and that number is only going to rise.

This week, I’ve been reading about how brands are responding to the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality and how current events can help boost your content marketing efforts. Read on to see what I found.

Companies Respond to the Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage, by Natalie Andrews via The Wall Street Journal: “Some companies such a Google Inc. have been outspoken in the cause, while others have jumped on as public opinion shifted. Ahead of the Supreme Court hearing arguments on the case, 379 companies, including Apple Inc., Hilton Hotels and Walt Disney Co. filed an amicus brief in support of legalizing same-sex marriage. As news spread of the Supreme Court’s decision many of the companies that were part of the brief took to social media. As of Friday afternoon, there were more than 1.8 million tweets mentioning #lovewins, the top trending hashtag about the Supreme Court decision, according to Topsy, a social analytics company.”

How to Leverage News Stories on Social Media, by Alex Boyer via Duct Tape Marketing: “A lot of cultural events are scheduled. The Super Bowl, America’s largest sporting event, is always on the first Sunday of February and the teams are determined 2 weeks in advance. You can plan for both possible outcomes, and you’ll know when there will be the most attention on social media. Try to plan ahead whenever possible. While it is okay to think of a plan for scheduled events, it is never a good idea to schedule or automate your social posts in advance. You don’t know what could happen during the event that may affect the way your customers interpret the post. Be sure to give yourself a chance to re-evaluate your plan before posting. Most brands that get themselves into trouble posting during newsworthy events usually do so because they are trying to get too cute or use humor that some may find offensive. It is okay to keep it simple.”

My Lump In Throat Weekend: Brands’ Response To The SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling, by David Cooperstein via Forbes: “A friend of mine is a 20+-year veteran of Deloitte. His company changed their logo to show their support; the first time they have ever changed the color. While part of that is to support the rainbow of employees they have, it is a strong statement to their clients across the country that this is an important issue for them….Millennials are having families (of all kinds) now, and the brand associations they make will carry with them for a long time to come. Trust and authenticity are common demands these consumers make in their brand choices. Being open about where your brand stands is going to be more important to them than being a disassociated logo.”

Facebook Celebrates Pride and Marriage Equality with Rainbow Filters and an Inspiring Short Film, by Dan Solomon via Fast Company: “Much of America is celebrating and the list of revellers includes your mom’s favorite zillion-dollar social network, Facebook. The social network has introduced a rainbow filter you can apply to your profile image, decking your avatar photo in a ROY G. BIV of support for equal rights. On top of that, the company is also celebrating that there are 6 million Facebook users who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or gender non-conforming, and nearly a million users in the U.S. who have joined one or more Facebook groups in support of the LGTBQ community. Facebook also released a short film telling the story of Justin Kamimoto, a young man who started a Facebook group for LGBTQ kids in Fresno, California, one of the more conservative parts of the state. It’s a sweet story on a day that is made for sweet stories, rainbow filters, and celebrating the fact that we live in a better America than we did 24 hours ago.”

Brands Use Social Media to Back Same-Sex Marriage, by Michelle Castillo via CNBC: “So far, Spredfast hasn’t detected any brand that has spoken out negatively against the decision….’Today we stand tall with our LGBT friends, partners, allies and colleagues who are now affirmed to be equal in the eyes of the law,’ Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor said. ‘Vimeo supports our community of creators regardless of their gender, identity or sexual orientation. Vimeo couldn’t be prouder to live in a world where love is love, and all creators are treated equally.’”

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