What to Do When Your Blog Is a Teenager

What to Do When Your Blog Is a TeenagerI just opened what feels like my millionth blank Google Doc. Time to write another blog post.

Do you ever feel like you’ve already published all of the blog posts? I do. Rep Cap has been blogging since 2011. In Internet years, that’s a long time. Our archives are deep. What else does our audience still need to know about planning an editorial calendar, understanding your readers, writing better headlines or why email still works?

Well, actually, a lot.

Over the past couple of months, as I looked ahead at 2016, I realized something: Our blog is a teenager. And by that I mean: We’re not new at this game. We’ve been doing this for a while. We’re growing up. We have a proven, seamless, headache-free process for writing blog posts and getting them out the door.

Sound familiar?

I realized that a lot of our clients’ blogs (and overall content marketing strategies) were hitting their “teenage” years, too. If you’re a business that’s been around for at least a few years, and you’ve been blogging the whole time, you probably have a deep backlog of blog posts, too.

So what comes next?

I started considering the answer to that question. And what I realized is, a teenage blog is a great thing. Having a full catalog of evergreen posts creates a new, luxurious opportunity:

  • You can stop blogging so often (yep, I said it) and really consider how to make every new piece of content sing.
  • You can dig back into your archives and find the very best stuff and bring it back to life.
  • You can look at which blog posts bring in the most traffic, and spend time fine-tuning and updating those posts to make sure they’re working hard for you and converting visitors into subscribers.

Not unlike having a teenager in your house, having a teenage blog can be challenging…but really fun, too.

It’s also a new phenomenon. For a long time, content marketing experts and agencies gave advice that was really meant for brand-new blogs and content strategies. The question now is, how do you shift your strategy once you’ve been doing this for years?

Surprise! We made you something to help you answer that question.

In our new guide, we’re talking both to the newbies and the old-timers. We mapped out four weeks of activities to help you scrutinize, understand, re-set and polish your blog.

Download the guide to get a full page of tips right away! You’ll also get a follow-up email every week with ideas to help you stay on track.

Meanwhile, we’ll be taking our own advice. For the next four weeks, we’ll be digging into our own blog and tweaking, re-thinking and updating to make sure every post in our archives looks gorgeous and directs readers to our best, most current thinking.

[Editor’s Note: Read our reports on writing for your audience as your blog gets older, why we started blogging less, and what we learned from a 30-day blog audit.]

I hope you’ll join me! Having a teenager is fun. (Remind me of that in 12 years, when I have a teenaged person in my house.)