Lee Price is marketing communications specialist at Tattoo Manufacturing, the largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the world. The Tucson-based company prints 7 million temporary tattoos a day, both for consumers and corporate partners, including Disney, Kellogg’s, Kraft, GEICO, Pepsi and many others. As part of our Small Business Shoutout, which highlights the best content marketing examples for smaller organizations, we spoke to her about how the company uses content marketing to spread customers’ stories — and picked up some of her tricks for keeping the editorial calendar lively.

How would you describe your brand in five words or less?

Fun, unique, buzzworthy, playful, friendly

What role does content play in your marketing strategy?

Content is huge for Tattoo Manufacturing. Our goal is to tell our customers’ stories. We send out hundreds of tattoo orders every day, and we know that our customers are having a blast and using their tattoos in really innovate ways. Our content strategy is to close the loop between the customer and our brand so that we can hear and tell our customers’ stories.

How do you define success in your marketing strategy overall?

We want to grow our fan base, of course – our followers, fans, and new customers. But we also want to inspire our current customers and give them new ideas. And, we want to further develop our brand voice and our customers’ trust. The more content we give our customers, the easier it is for them to develop a picture of who we are and what we stand for.

What types of content does your business produce? Why did you choose those types?

We’re active on our blog and all the big social sites, and we try to produce a wide variety of content. Our most dynamic and best-received content is customer stories. Whether it’s a company using tattoos to add some fun to a wine seminar, a blogger who uses tattoos as business cards, or a restaurant who brings guests tattoos with their check, we have some awesome customer stories. It’s really fun to share those. We also share new product information (and ideas for how to use them), trivia, answers to customers’ FAQs, contests, trends we’re seeing, and behind-the-scenes pictures of what’s going on at our office.

What’s been your biggest challenge in developing and executing your content marketing strategy?

It’s easy to just send our customers discounts, but that’s not very interesting. Our biggest challenge is probably similar to what a lot of other brands are facing: constantly developing new, fresh content, week after week. One solution that’s helped us is a content calendar that our marketing team shares. We keep track of the kinds of content we’re posting each month – color-coded by category so that we can quickly tell if we’re getting too heavy in one area. Our calendar also has a running list of new content ideas for the future. That way, when it’s time to write a blog post, we have a stockpile of ideas waiting for us instead of just the dreaded blank WordPress page.

We also find that our employees (and not just our marketing staff) have a lot of great content ideas. Our customer service reps, who are on the phone with customers all day long, are a fantastic resource. Ditto for our creative team, sales staff, production department, and executive group. If you get stuck, walk around your office and you’ll find inspiration.

What’s your favorite piece of advice for small-business owners considering using content to market their businesses?

I’ll repeat what I’ve heard from people who are much smarter than I am: You don’t have to have the best, or the perfect content. It’s more important to just get started. Start posting, start sharing, start creating. You learn along the way. If you approach your content marketing as a constantly evolving experiment, it’s much easier – and a lot more fun.

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