B2B Research Report Example

The Real Deal

The Real Deal


The Aon team had been collecting and analyzing data on retirement readiness for years, but the results of that powerful research weren’t being circulated as widely as the team behind it wished. The quality and methodology behind the research were unique, and they were eager to get the results into global HR decisionmakers' hands.

They were looking for a partner that could bring a fresh eye to the research results and develop content that would appeal to a broader business audience and extend the lifespan of the content for up to 2 years.



In this B2B research report example, Rep Cap worked with the Aon team to produce a refreshed content package for The Real Deal, including an interactive landing page, an e-book and series of infographics highlighting the key takeaways from the research. This package served as the foundation for an extended campaign promoting the Aon team's comprehensive approach to helping employers develop best-in-class retirement offerings that could help their employees achieve financial security.



The Real Deal was shared more widely than ever before, achieving “Milestone Moment” status for Aon. HR and benefits leaders at large, global companies (the target buyers for the services promoted in the campaign) responded favorably to the new format, and the research was picked up widely in the general and trade business press. The campaign assets also continues to serve as a model for promoting other key research results from the Aon team, across multiple divisions around the world.

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