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It is hard to stay up to date in the world of social media. In the span of only a couple of years we have seen changes in the way organizations reach out to their audience because of platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is important to understand how to utilize social media properly to […]

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It is important to connect with customers through content marketing. Through the use of social media, blogs, newsletters and etc., you have the opportunity to build bonds with customers. Customers will then be your ambassador and spread your content. In this weeks news round-up, you will read about link building, communicating and content hubs, among […]

New Year's Resolutions

With a new year, also comes new year’s resolutions. When it comes to your content marketing, your resolution probably has something to do with being more productive than you were in 2012. You probably want to just create a successful strategy if this is your first attempt at it. Here is to helping you start […]

2012 Review

2012 has seen a lot happen in content marketing. More organizations have seen the importance of having a content strategy. With this growing interest, 2013 should continue to see the growth of content marketing. In this week’s news round-up, you will read about some of the trends of 2012 and things to look forward to […]