7 Reasons to Add Links to Your Company's Blog Posts

If you aren’t including links in your blog posts, you’re squandering an easy opportunity to make your great content even better — and more effective in spreading your brand’s message. There are two types of links you can include in a blog post: Internal. The ones that connect to other pages within your website. External. […]

Marketers: Here's How to Build Customer Trust

A recent survey from the American Association of Advertising Agencies found no one trusts marketers. Only 4 percent of Americans surveyed said advertisers and marketers practice integrity — 2 percentage points behind what they think of Congress. The results can be disheartening for B2B marketers, but fortunately, the survey offered several insights into what it […]

How PreCheck Built an Award-Winning B2B Blog in Less Than 2 Years

2014 was a phenomenal year for the marketing department at PreCheck. The health care background check and employment screening company’s three-member marketing team won eight awards for its content marketing efforts, including honors for “Best Blog Website” in the Web Marketing Association’s 2014 IAC Award Competition, three 2014 Hermes Creative awards and a Silver Davey […]

#truBatonRouge: Great Content is at the Heart of Successful Recruitment Marketing

To many people human resources and marketing are two very different and totally separate functions within companies. In many cases that’s true, but they do have areas of overlap and one of the largest is in communicating companies’ employer brands to prospective employees outside the organization. This is increasingly important now because the economy has […]

Are You Making Any of These Content Marketing Mistakes

If the answer is “yes,” don’t panic! It’s better to get out there and do some content marketing and make mistakes along the way than to curl up in a corner for fear of making an error. These days, content marketing is essential to getting your business noticed and connecting with customers and prospects. Once […]