Is email marketing dead? We don’t think so, and we rounded up a few interesting facts to demonstrate why.

The data covers a range of topics, such as trends, threats, best practices, and so on.

1. People are checking email on smartphones a lot. Google says 82% of people who own smartphones check and send email, and Merkle says 43% of them do it four or more times per day.

2. Trust issues and a waning youth user base are the biggest worries of email marketers. Several sources reported that a majority of email is still spam, and less than half a percent is malicious, but that’s still enough to scare consumers. Further, email usage down 34% among 18-24 year olds according to Atomic Email Marketing Blog.

3. Email subscribers are very conditional. They will unsubscribe PDQ if they don’t get what they are looking for in the way that’s best for them. Hubspot says 91% of people have unsubbed from lists before, while Bluehornet says that 70% of mobile users toss emails that don’t render well on phones.

4. Mobile email users love special offers – and act on them. Borrell Associates says that mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons. Special offers and vouchers are consumers’ favorite types of mobile mail to get, says E-dialog.

5. Despite spam blockers, a lot of email is still hitting its target. Atomic Email Marketing Blog says that 83% of email ends up in inboxes, but for corporate email accounts this number is much lower, at a still-respectable 19%.

6. Tablet email users are growing super fast. Hubspot said there will be 21.1 million more tablet users in 2012 then there were in 2011. Knotice reported that in 2011, 97% of all email opens were on iPad, it may happen that new competing products will take a share of that in upcoming years.

7. Email remains one of the most popular and well-understood content marketing vehicles. An abundance of research data exists that covers multiple aspects of email.

8. Microsoft Outlook is still the most popular email client. It’s holding strong at 27.6%, reports The Best Email Marketing Apps Blog, in 2011. But we’ll see how long that lasts, with the recent launch of the Web-based Outlook and fierce competition from GMail.

9. Mobile mail is a very hot research topic. 2012 numbers are numerous, demonstrating marketers’ enthusiasm for the growing number of mobile users.

Overall, email is still one of the strongest marketing mediums out there. The explosive growth of tablets and continued prominence of smartphones will keep people connected to their inboxes. With increased mobile-mailing targets, new Web mailing services, and the diminished effectiveness of non-organic SEO, marketers will depend on tried-and-true email.

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