4 Marketing Tools We Can’t Live Without

4 Marketing Tools We Can’t Live WithoutThis time last year, we shared four marketing tools we love: Read how we use Zapier, PicMonkey, Hootsuite and HARO to boost our marketing processes. Now, there are four more tools we just have to share.

These tools help us keep our marketing operation alive, and make life easier for us as a distributed team of marketers working with a lot of different clients — all from multiple locations around the country.

Raven Tools

I’m often surprised that more marketers haven’t heard of Raven Tools. Raven is a platform that makes creating marketing reports easy by pulling in data from tons of different sources. It combines information about website traffic (from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google AdWords), social media performance (from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) and email marketing (from your tool of choice — Emma, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp or AWeber).

I’ve written before about how Raven makes our work easier by putting all of our marketing performance data in one place. Instead of hunting down stats in multiple different tools every month, we can pull one simple report in Raven. Their reports are pretty, too, with instant graphs and tables — much better than clunky spreadsheet reports. And, now you can host Raven reports online (instead of downloading PDF versions) for easy sharing.

Whether you’re an in-house marketer juggling a lot of different marketing tools and data, or an agency marketer juggling all of those tools for multiple clients, I recommend checking out Raven to make your reporting process smoother.


We create a lot of downloadable content — white papers, e-books and guides. To get that content out to the maximum number of people, and painlessly collect information such as email address, name and company, we host our content on Unbounce landing pages.

Here’s an example of a landing page we created with Unbounce.

Unbounce takes all of the grunt work out of creating landing pages. Their gorgeous templates (all of which are now responsive!) make each page design easy. And, on the back end, Unbounce syncs seamlessly with our email marketing tool and CRM so that when someone downloads a white paper, we can automatically send them an email and track their information in Salesforce. If you haven’t tried Unbounce, I recommend it. Their customer support is fast and friendly, too, which is sometimes rare for tools like this.


Everyone spends a lot of time digging through email, and Rapportive makes that task a little bit easier. The app sits in your Gmail inbox and shows helpful information about your contacts.

When I open an email, Rapportive shows me the sender’s picture, tells me their title, company and location, and links me to their social media profiles. Getting this instant information helps me quickly contextualize new contacts without doing the leg work of looking up their basic stats.

Adding Rapportive to your inbox is a no-brainer.

Quote Roller

While our team loves talking to clients about content, the administrative task of creating formal proposals can be a drain. We’ve tested multiple proposal tools, and for now we like Quote Roller the best. Quote Roller allows us to create reusable templates that we can drag and drop into new proposals. We quickly add customization for each new project, and voila — we’re done.

What marketing tools have made your life easier in 2014? Tweet your tips and recommendations to @RepCapital.