4 Elements of a Successful B2B Telecom Marketing Strategy for 2015

In the crowded B2B telecommunications industry, companies are scrambling to rise above all the chatter and grab a piece of an evolving market. For marketers, this means implementing creative strategies to help build brand awareness, drive customer engagement and boost the bottom line. And as we approach 2015, it’s time to put some serious thought into next year’s marketing strategy.

When drafting your plans, think integrated marketing — including PR, a blog, an active social media presence, SEO and additional content marketing, says Jill Van Nostran, head of Van Nostran Communications, which specializes in B2B, wireless, and mobile tech PR and telecom marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll need to build a successful B2B telecom marketing strategy for 2015:

High-Quality Content

According to the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’s B2B Content Marketing 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends — North America report, 44 percent of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy, employ an average of 13 content marketing tactics, and use about six social media platforms to distribute that content. One key to an effective content strategy is to be consistent with your messaging in all the content you create and share, including articles, social media, blog posts, podcasts, paid placements and speaking opportunities.

In 2015, “it will be more important than ever to make sure you are the leading voice in your niche,” Van Nostran says. “Developing and creating captivating content on a consistent basis will be immensely valuable to your key customers. You want your customers to come to you for really good information they can trust.” Targeted email and mobile marketing campaigns will also become more popular for B2B telecom marketers in 2015.

Marketers who want to take their content strategy to the next level can use cool tools such as Outbrain, an advertising platform whose content marketing module offers to help Internet publishers increase traffic to their websites.

And don’t forget about the power of social media. For example, LinkedIn has been a goldmine for Alicia diVittorio, senior director of corporate communications for San Francisco-based mobile security company Lookout. “One thing we are starting to do is identify key people in our organization who have great backgrounds to pen original articles for their LinkedIn profiles,” she says.

Another tip: B2B telecom marketers should also join industry-related LinkedIn groups to stay in-the-know about developing trends and to build leads.

Marketing Automation Technology

Marketing automation will be hot in 2015 as marketers strive to leverage the right techniques to capture prospective customers’ contact information and follow up with more valuable content and information. When deploying marketing automation technology, it’s a good idea to also have a solid customer relationship management program. The more comprehensive CRMs can be pricey, but there some that are less expensive and even free, so make sure to shop around.

Data Savvy

Analytics will play an even greater role for B2B telecom marketers in 2015. These marketers must have an understanding of data and be able to effectively track and measure whether the results of their marketing efforts are reaching the goals they’ve set.

A Superior Customer Experience

While it’s important to invest money in improving infrastructure and core products and services, marketers must also help ensure customers have an excellent experience with their telecom brand – at every touch point, Van Nostran says. “The way a brand treats its customers can make or break that brand, even B2B telecom and mobile tech brands.”

Another way telecom marketers can drive brand awareness is by trying new things, by taking steps such as partnering with smaller players on marketing initiatives and PR. “We are starting to see this, for example, with telecom operators promoting Evernote as an app,” diVittorio says, adding that pushing cool apps like Evernote can help B2B marketers differentiate their company from other players.

One telecom company that’s breaking the mold and pushing the boundaries of traditional telecom marketing practices is T Mobile, diVittorio says. “They are fearless with their brand and they take risks. For example, their latest campaign for no more contracts is brilliant because they listened to their customers.”

By combining basic marketing and PR tactics with new technologies and content strategies, B2B telecom marketers can greatly enhance their marketing campaigns, as well as help drive revenues and brand recognition. Those who start planning now will no doubt come out ahead in 2015.

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