If content marketers don’t stay ahead of upcoming trends, they might run into trouble. There are some tech advances and Google updates on the horizon that may throw the industry for a loop. Keep these questions in mind to stay on top of the key content marketing trends.

Will Mobile Make Your Content Obsolete?

In the next few years, mobile devices will overtake desktop computers as the most-used method of Web browsing.

Although lots of people will read content from small mobile screens, they will skip over dense blocks of text. Further, readers won’t stay long at non-mobile-optimized websites.

Survival Strategy:

  • Create mobile-friendly content.
    • Keep it short and to the point.
    • Make it action oriented.
    • Put the important stuff at the top.
    • Give readers an easy way to find it again if they want to go more in-depth from a larger screen.
    • Break content into easily digestible chunks and share via social.
  • Make sure your website is mobile compatible. WordPress users can install a free Plugin for their blogs. However, there are other options available for Webmasters, such as app creation.

Will Author Rank Reduce Your Page Rank?

Google has started assigning authors a rank based on their social media popularity. This rank is expected to affect page rank in the future.

In other words, content curators will not only need to consider the quality of their content, but also who is writing it.

Survival Strategy:

  • Get access to writers with strong social brands. Start networking with writers who are active on social media.
  • Build your own social brand. Here’s how. 

Are You Collecting Enough Data to Meet Future Demand?

The business-analytics software marketing is growing at the annual rate of 9.8 percent. In 2016, it will reach $50.7 billion dollars, according to a report by Market Research firm IDC.

Marketing analytics is a rapidly growing field of business analytics, and clients will demand more and more marketing data. Google Analytics alone won’t cut it.

Survival Strategy:

  • Develop a social media analytics strategy. Do more than count “Likes,”  and know which social metrics actually matter.
  • Use a data-collecting CMS. You’ll need it for more than demonstrating ROI in the future.
  • Be innovative. Think of new sources of data that can be linked with the social activity. Metrics that computers can’t count will also be valuable.

Will Your Content Survive More Google Updates?

Google has expressed time and time again that they will continue to reward quality content in the same way they did with the Panda and Penguin updates.

Despite the updates, marketers are still getting some traction with quantities of low- and medium-quality content. Overuse of cheap content is risky business.

Survival Strategy:

  • Make sure your content quality is up to snuff. Include at least a few premium pieces in your mix; the more the better. Remember long papers can be re-purposed into multiple blog posts.
  • Keep pushing for social shares on your content. Shared content will continue to be considered important content to Google.

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