Workers in front of laptopYou pride yourself on hiring the smartest people in your field, but how do your potential clients know that?

Content marketing can help you unlock the expertise inside your own organization and make that knowledge the core of the marketing strategy for your small business. In particular, a staff-driven group blog that highlights industry trends and dishes out tailored advice is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to build a small business’s reputation as a magnet for thought leaders in an industry. Done well,  such a blog will also provide a steady flow of credible, branded content to support your social media feeds.

To get started, you’ll need to decide on a unified theme for your content that is consistent with your brand and your audience’s interests, develop some basic guidelines for your writers to follow, and create a schedule for posting. Once that’s set, you have several options for producing content:

  • Direct posting. For your team members who are also strong writers, this is relatively easy: Give them a blog login and an assignment schedule — and then let them start writing. You’ll still want to arrange for someone to read behind them before the material is published, whether it’s a professional editor or a peer. The second reader will be editing for factual accuracy, grammar and style, and SEO.
  • Ghost writing. This is my least favorite option since it so often sounds canned, but it’s sometimes the only option for reluctant or busy executives. You’ll need to hire a writer that’s knowledgeable about your industry, as well as skilled in duplicating another person’s voice. Allow time for multiple drafts, so you can get both the facts and the tone right.
  • Interviews. This approach taps the advantages of ghost writing, but in a way that’s more consistent with the transparent culture of social media. Interviews can be conducted as text Q&As, podcasts or brief videos, depending on your budget and comfort level with multimedia. A professional writer (anonymous or bylined) drives the structure and crafts the final wording, but the focal point is your team member’s expertise. This approach can be particularly useful for workers in science, engineering or finance, creating a bridge between their technical expertise and a general business audience. It takes the pressure off the staffer to initiate the content creation process, which can seem overwhelming for non-writers.

How are you using content marketing to highlight your staff’s expertise?

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