Developing content can sometimes be like growing a garden. You need to know what you want to plant and how the different plants will grow together. With content, you need to know what content you are trying to deliver and how to implement this content so that it grows your audience. In this week’s content […]

“Email marketing,” you may say; “Isn’t email marketing yesterday’s news?” Well, yes and no. Before we get into the particulars of why smart businesses are still using email marketing, we need to first understand just what is email marketing and how it can make your business soar. Email marketing is direct-to-consumer marketing in email form. […]

Took Kit

It’s always an interesting to attempt a do-it-yourself job in your home, whether it is painting, installing new fixtures or some other makeover task. You need to make sure that you have all the tools you need or you’ll be stuck a job half done. More important, you need to make sure that you use […]

Strategy Chart

This week in the news round-up we take a look at developing content strategy. From those who are just beginning to get into content strategy to those who have been doing it for years, we all hit bumps in the road as we work to develop content. This round-up has links for articles discussing developing […]