When it comes to marketing themselves, most advertising and marketing agencies stick to what they know — and that often leaves out content marketing or inbound marketing here in Baton Rouge.

In my home city, I could only find two blogs in the top 10 marketing firms that popped up on the SERPs. Social media was pretty dead too, and the accounts that were active didn’t seem too interested in driving traffic back to the home site.

In bigger cities, it’s easy to see how marketing firms are competing through content creation.

For the search term “Seattle Marketing,” the top five firms’ websites that appear are all content rich. On average, the Seattle firms had 27.8 blog posts, 1,000 tweets, and 157 Facebook likes, in addition to other content.

In Dallas, the top five marketing firms had 30.8 blog posts, 1,700 Tweets, and 375 followers, on average.

So why aren’t Baton Rouge marketing agencies with content? Perhaps they don’t know how. While content marketing isn’t new, the Panda and Penguin updates that threw content creation into overdrive are fairly recent, and Web copywriters who aren’t SEO experts or who don’t keep up with social media or blogs may not have heard about the shift.

What is it going to cost them? The prime spots in the SERPs, for one thing. I noticed in the Baton Rouge SERPs that some of the younger firms that are marketing their services with content are inching up on the rankings. Once they get to the top, they’re it’ll be hard for the veterans to overtake them.

It’s almost certain that Google will continue to reward quality content. Marketing agencies should strongly consider investing in content now to avoid having to play catch-up later. The backlink generators necessary to improve page rankings, such as active social media followings or blog subscribers, don’t just pop up overnight.

Do you think that outbound marketers should partner with inbound agencies to advertise their services?

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