Content Marketing Trends: Our Favorite Reads

Content Marketing Trends: Our Favorite ReadsAs content marketers (read: reporters, writers and editors), we’re big readers. We love reading about new trends, ideas and innovations in our industry and the industries we write about. If you’re looking for some inspiration over your holiday down time, here are some of the Rep Cap team’s favorite reads from 2015.

Content marketing

I’m impressed by the content that the co-working company WeWork is putting out. Their blog and emails are a great resource for freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone who’s interested in how work is changing. A couple of my favorite posts include Why Some People Are Dumbing Down Their Phones and Don’t Sell Your Product — Sell Your Mission. — Lee

This is one of my favorites from earlier this year–I still revisit it when I need a laugh. “You Know You’re a Content Marketer If…” — Kristin

I loved this article: Why Brands Need to Branch Out From Product-Focused Content. Many companies don’t realize that it’s not about you – it’s about them. Give your readers something of value, something that makes them laugh, something that makes them think; that’s what makes content work. As David Beebe said at Content Marketing World, “Content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.”  — Cathie

I have a growing interest in the intersection between content marketing and data, and the Kissmetrics blog helps keep me up-to-date. — Catherine


We use Zapier to connect all of our marketing tools (if you’ve never heard of Zapier, check it out — it’s an easy way to connect tools that don’t integrate with each other). As a bonus, I find their blog content very helpful. Good reads about productivity, marketing, and working online. — Lee

A lot of content crosses my inbox every day, but I start my day faithfully reading MarketingProfs Today. There’s no better way for me to jump start for what’s ahead. Topics are always timely and on-trend by a variety of authors. I especially like Verónica Maria Jarski’s visual content/infographics. — Kristen

The ShortStack blog consistently puts out quality information regarding social media news and best practices. — Kelly

I love helpful email newsletters. My trick for avoiding an overstuffed inbox: I filter all of my newsletters into their own Gmail folder (skipping the inbox) and once a week, I set aside time to read the best ones. A few of my favorite marketing newsletters are The Dash, Sorry for Marketing and Convince and Convert. — Lee


Ask a Manager: I go there for the HR horror stories. I stay there for the clear, fair advice. — Mary Ellen

One of the best presentations I saw this year was at HRevolution in St. Louis. Mary Faulkner detailed her company’s efforts to learn about HR and its perception within the organization. They surveyed employees at Denver Water, and asked everything from specifics about how HR handles certain functions to whether employees had faith their dealings with HR would remain confidential. Some areas were great and others needed improvement, but the organization’s commitment to taking an honest look at itself before making changes was inspiring. — Dominique

Other great reads

Hiten’s SaaS Weekly. It’s essential reading if you need to stay on top of what’s going on in the Saas universe. — Mary Ellen

My favorite article this year is a recent one: Team Building in the Cafeteria. It says one of the most effective ways to build camaraderie in the workplace is to cook and eat with your co-workers. We don’t get to see one another at Rep Cap as often as we’d like, living scattered all over the U.S. as we do. But when we do have our retreats, they often revolve around food. This year we cooked pizzas together and shared tasty Indian cuisine in Boulder and we made pasta, gorged on seafood and had a ten-course meal prepared by a celebrity chef at our Baton Rouge retreat, not to mention the birthday cake. We eat enough in those two retreats to cement our bond here for the whole rest of the year. — Dominique

One of my favorite commentaries was extremely recent and in a niche publication for event marketers: EXHIBITOR Magazine’s editor, Travis Stanton on Continuing Education. Swap out any mention of event or exhibit for your industry and the content still is true. One of my new year’s resolution is to take Travis’ advice: “It’s impossible to know everything — especially in an ever-changing industry such as this one. We owe it to ourselves, our organizations, and our industry to never stop learning (even when we think we know it all).” — Kristin

I love following Interlake Steamship Company’s Facebook page: it does a great job as a B2B company in a what could be seen as an old-timey industry as it connects with hobbyists and customers alike. It posts photos of working ships and participates in throwback hashtags, just like your favorite B2C brands. If you’re looking for ideas on how to tell your company’s story, check Interlake out. — Catherine

The importance of setting aside ‘make time’ was a key theme for me this year. While it relates to my newfound love of quilting, this FastCompany article on time management reminded me that it applies to work, too. The concept is similar to the content marketing chef vs. cook concept we discussed on the Rep Cap blog earlier this month. — Kelly

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