hire content marketers

As content marketing grows, all of us are on the hunt for smart, content-savvy team members to help us produce awesome content. But who are we looking for? What does the perfect content marketer look like? What’s on the ideal marketer’s resume? Just being a good writer, social strategist or analyst isn’t enough to really […]

get employees involved in content marketing

You’re a marketer surrounded by experts and product pros, but none of their voices make it into your content. You’re struggling to fill in your editorial calendar, and your co-workers vanish when you say the words “blog post.” Sound familiar? It can be tough to get everyone on your team involved in your content process. […]

Focus on People to Make Your HR Tech Content Marketing Shine

Too often, only half of the phrase “HR tech” gets the attention — the tech half. Granted, there are a lot of exciting solutions out there, and we’re looking forward to HR Tech next month. The problem is, it’s easy for all that exciting technology to overshadow its own role, which is connecting people and […]

Ask a Managing Editor: What's a Brand Guide and Why Do I Need One for My Content Marketing?

When you hire a writer to contribute to your blog, help you write an ebook, or craft copy for your homepage, what guidelines do you give them? Consistent guidelines are a must for writers who work with your brand, whether they’re internal or work with an agency partner. Every marketing team should have a brand […]